Executive-level strategic guidance and in-depth technical assistance supporting governmental ministries, corporations and NGOs

I am passionate about working with community, government and business leaders to solve shared challenges that improve community well-being.  I have found that integrating environmental and social concerns in economic decision making results in increased profits, creates systemic stability, and reduces vulnerabilities.


Resource Management
Implementing strategies and tactics that enable resource efficiencies in financial, human and natural resources including water, transportation, energy and material use

Destination Management
Improving governance, land use planning and zoning, and designing and implementing events, activities, tours and transportation centered on promoting and preserving a destination's natural and cultural assets

Public Policy
Incorporating research and new ideas into evidence-based policies to drive green growth, support sustainable development and economic localization, and build community resilience

Building Businesses
Leading organizations from start-up to mature ventures, shaping and executing strategic operations, securing investors and managing finances, and empowering mission-driven teams

Business Development and Fundraising
Working with others to identify priorities and secure the necessary resources and matching funds from development agencies, foundations and donors to achieve shared aims  

Destination Marketing
Reaching and attracting travelers that stay longer and spend more and influencing their destination preference and travel choices

Capacity Building and Curriculum Development
Inspiring social entrepreneurship by developing and strengthening the skills, abilities, and systems individuals and organizations need to survive, adapt and thrive in a fast-changing world

Corporate Sustainability and Social Responsibility
Experience working across entire companies, taking a whole systems approach, and developing and supporting the execution of global sustainability strategies and sustainable management and responsible supply chain policies

Collective Impact through Complex Collaboration
Addressing complex, systems-level problems and achieving collective impact by facilitating effective collaboration across silos and sectors and serving the self-interests of participants and shared interests of the collective in the process

Sustainable Tourism
Supporting the development and execution of progressive methods that protect tourism assets and make destinations more attractive places to live and visit

Community-based Tourism
Providing receptive communities and residents with the knowledge and information they need to develop, control and directly benefit from tourism