Advancing Corporate Responsibility and Driving Local Economic Opportunities that Benefit People and the Planet

As an advisor, guide and social entrepreneur, I bring more than 25 years experience working with 60+ countries at the intersection of tourism, conservation and sustainable development. I offer a global perspective on policy, strategy, planning and programming that enable organizations and destinations to harness the power of travel and tourism to create positive outcomes for their communities, economies and the environment.

Navigating a Rapidly Changing World

Generally most initiatives to adopt next generation business and destination management practices are fractional and isolated. To increase competitiveness and enhance resiliency and sustainability, efforts have to be coordinated around clearly defined problems and solutions. "Stretch collaboration" is oftentimes required to address complex problems across corporations, industries, governments and geographies.  

Generating a shared understanding of the various problems and solutions among people from different cultural and socio-economic backgrounds is not easy. Collaboration without clarity of purpose is difficult to foster. But once trust is cultivated and political, cultural and geographical divisions are traversed, a vision can be constructed along with an agenda and living strategy to solve the problems that have been identified. Coordination of existing actions and maintaining open communication are key, along with quantifiable goals and metrics to enable, measure, and report on progress.

Brian T. Mullis

Brian T. Mullis

From the perspective of a trusted advisorI have seen how a systematic inclusive approach and well-conceived and executed strategy create shared prosperity.  This vision for the public and private sector coming together to use economic drivers to improve livelihoods and protect what makes each destination unique was the impetus for my founding Sustainable Travel International and remains my motivation for helping business and government leaders unlock their potential to achieve positive outcomes and tangible results.  

I understand the linkages between the tourism, energy, infrastructure and agriculture sectors, and how they work together. Importantly, I speak the language of business executives, high level government officials, nonprofits, and donors/development agencies and formulate a common vocabulary. Ultimately, I help organizations develop a holistic view of their economic activities and guide them on an iterative journey through the environmental and socio-cultural aspects of their operations to help them achieve their goals. 

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