Brian T. Mullis
Brian T. Mullis and Dalai Lama

Brian Mullis

Since 2002, Brian T. Mullis has been dedicated to fostering a more just and responsible travel and tourism industry—one that protects the environmental, economic, and social fabric of destinations globally and holds itself accountable for its impacts.

Brian began his career working in national parks in the United States, and went on to own and operate an international adventure and eco-travel company for nine years. In 2oo2, he founded Sustainable Travel International, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to improve lives and protect places through travel and tourism. Under Brian's leadership, Sustainable Travel International has assisted public and private partners—including leading airlines, cruise lines, destination managers, hoteliers, ministries of tourism and tour operators—in the adoption of practices that support a healthy environment, economic opportunity and social well-being.

Brian has developed flagship programs in low carbon tourism development, destination stewardship, market access, capacity-building and sustainable tourism standards. His work has taken him to 56 countries across five continents. Brian has also shared his learnings and experience through a two-year adjunct professorship at the LEEDS School of Business, University of Colorado–Boulder.

Brian currently serves on the U.S. Travel and Tourism Advisory Board, an entity of the U.S. Department of Commerce. He is also a Future of Travel & Tourism Council member of the World Economic Forum and serves on the United Nations' 10YFP Multi-stakeholder Advisory Committee. 

The father of two beautiful and energetic children from Ethiopia, Brian enjoys spending his free time with them, his wife and their dog Luna exploring their Pacific Northwest landscape by boat, bike, skis and foot.